Monday, November 29, 2010

Cowl Crazy & Other Nonsense

The Charcoal Cowl (for me) is well under way.
Maybe I'll finish it in time to wear it (quick) while the weather is sooo cold in Arizona. High of 51 F today.

Natural cottons knitted in seed stitch
make hefty dishcloth gifts

Lanyards I made on those little spool-things
with cotton string and added various beads 
are gifts for my co-workers

More natural cottons & seed stitch

Some completed knit gifts

It's a disease, another dishcloth!

Teal Birthday Cowl for sister's b-day in January.
4 strands of about 6 various shades of different teal yarns 
and using seed stitch (it's a disease) on 13 needles.
A nice use of leftover stash yarn.  
ok. I bought a couple new balls of yarn.

I hope the girls like their beaded lanyards.