Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Donkeys & Traveling & Knitting--Oh My!

Chinook Pattern in Malabrigo Yarn
 I've been getting 'round, past few weeks.  Most recently to Tucson for the wedding of a friend's daughter. Naturally (besides the wedding) I visited 2 local yarn shops (LYS) I'd never been to: Purls, out on Broadway & Kolb, and Tucson Yarn Company on Oracle.  both are terrific stores, carry an awesome selection, have wonderful staff to help me buy more yarn (!) Sure, like I actually need more yarn. Like need has anything to do with acquiring more yarn.

I finally gave in & bought some Malabrigo, 2 skeins in fact. That's enough to make 'something' in the way of a scarf or cowl or shawl  ....and after several hours perusing the Ravelry patterns, I decided today on the Chinook. Simple enough but still a little lace for a challenge...beautifully showing off Amaroso colors. I've been seeing & reading about the fine qualities of Malabrigo from Uruguay - so now I'll find out for myself what all the fuss is about. I'm seriously liking the yarn so far.
The pattern is called Chinook Scarf by Ali Green

7-18-11 UPDATE - It's finished & I love it !

I love the color the yarn the pattern !

Update 7-18-11: I hate this afghan.
 I continued working on the 3x3 ribbed afghan I started a few weeks ago. Using up some stash: natural kitchen cotton, Wool-ease & left over Paton's Silk Bamboo, on size 11 needles, for the end of my bed. Again. A bigger, longer, wider, better-made natural throw/afghan for the end of my bed. Again. No pattern here either, just 3x3 ribbing. Pattern notes to follow.

Here's my Oxford Grey Cable & Ribbed Scarf, in progress. Making it to go with the Grey cabled hat for Bjorn. The Lion Brand Wool-Ease Heather Grey is  soft, squishy, nice. This my own variation of cable & rib stitches, will do pattern later.

Oh yes, I did find time between the knitting stores & actual knitting, to attend the wedding. A western-style Wedding! Lots of fun, beautiful weather in the desert, country music and then my favorite: 
 Cake, I LOVED the cake! The boots were cake too.
my favorite food: carbs with frosting! 

Not done yet:
A few weekends ago, I traveled to South Texas to deliver Dad to my sister, for his little 2-month visit. Had a nice time catching up with sister, and short day-trip to the Ranch --- visited with all the horses, donkeys, cattle, & dogs.

The donkeys Emmy, Lucy, Fritz & Max are my favorites. 

Nevada is particularly handsome-for a horse. 

Then the dogs (these 4 anyway) needed their treats too
(Beau, Chaser, Duke & Daisy) 

Seriously- Lucy is  so aptly named- what a clown!
Silly Lucy