Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Cute little Gracie

Gracie Poses
 What a girl, my Gracie. 
This must be my all-time favorite picture of her, though not quite in focus, since I used the iPhone camera.  I think it's from about March of this year. She's now 3 years old, weighs 10 lbs and I've (successfully) trimmed her coat - myself!!  She loves her stuffed toys, especially retrieving them or playing tug-of-war. Sleeping on my lap is her very favorite activity.

We've been buddies now about 18 months---and she is a great dog!  So loving & affectionate; I really picked a sweetie.  I can't remember what my life was "BG" -Before Gracie. It's nice to be adored.  And she's a pretty good traveler, too. Two airplane trips to Texas so far, even changed planes on the last one in March.  However the last leg back was a long flight, after an even longer day. About an hour before we were due to land in Phoenix, she escaped from the carrier. Really. She was seconds, I mean seconds from running up and down the center aisle. I 'bout had a stroke. But the lady next to me and I grabbed her, fast. She flew the rest of the flight, incognito, on my lap under my sweatshirt.  So she basically got what SHE wanted - my lap! (and we weren't asked to leave the plane)

I have a new toy -- for me, not Gracie.
It's a fantastic pedometer called a FitBit Zip. I love it & use it every single day.  I track my food, blood pressure, weight, steps walked, miles traveled and calories burned.  It gives me the needed motivation to walk farther, longer, faster....and increase burning those calories. And best of all:  it securely attaches to my bra, so I forget about it. Doesn't get lost, drop off my pants & break, quit working, nor do I leave it in the bathroom! I track all my numbers on either my PC or iPhone.  Since I started using it (Mid-April) I've increased my daily steps, am burning more calories and have lost 11 pounds.  I'm a believer. 

Here's a link to the website:  http://www.fitbit.com/home


Sharon said...

I have Gracie's lookalike, also 3 years old and Brussels Griffon/Poogle. I use a Dremel tool with a coarse file to trim doggie toenails. To get them use to it, trim one nail briefly, give treat, trim, treat, repeat. I hated clipping nails and my dogs hated it too. Dremel is perfect.

azdiana53 said...

What a great idea, thanks & I will try the dremel soon. Men's hair clippers work great for her haircuts. Would love to see a photo of yours?! A few people have thought she might have some Chihuahua in the mix---so I decided she would then be called a "Terripoochi". Most people usually say, "What kind of dog IS that?" Or my favorite, adorable!!!
Aren't ALL dogs adorable!