Thursday, August 19, 2010

Yellow Baby Blanket & Bear & Other Stuff

Busy, lots of projects, ideas, genealogy research & knitting. And that pesky thing called a job. And Dad.  Everything I do takes up too much time. I wish for 5 more hours a day. Ah, if only. The Dangerfield Family research is winding down, happy to have so much data, photos & records put together...and wonderful wonderful having the family trees on Oh yes, renewed again. If I could stay up all night and not need sleep, perfect!   Max keeps a watchful eye on all I do
...and now finding more on the Stead Family, thanks to a researcher in England.  I've worked some more on the Galligan & Service Families - absolutely amazing what I have discovered about distant cousin Robert O Service in Topeka, Kansas- and so satisfying to identify people in the old photos I unearthed 10 years ago.  Connecting the dots as they say.  I'll do a blog page for Robert & his family later this month and just so pleased (pleased!) to find that the Topeka Library is interested in the old photos for their Topeka Room Collection. Very satisfying.

The Project Linus yellow Baby Bear Blanket is finished, all done & turned in. The bear in his matching yellow sweater posed for me and off they went to a Blanket Bee, last Saturday.  Max will miss washing the bear's feet.

I think it turned out nicely, the cotton is so so soft.
Simple, easy, reversible pattern for beginners. 
Here is the link to the free pattern:
Here's what I used:
Needle:   US 7 - 4.5 mm
Yarn:   Bernat Cottontots Solid
How much:  4 skeins = 684.0 yards (625.4m)
Colorway:  Sunshine
Color family:  Yellow
Size:  25" x 30"

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