Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Crochet Shell Blanket FINISHED!

Good Grief.  Wondered if I was EVER going to finish this monster.  A Project Linus Blanket Bee coming up (this Saturday!) lit a fire in my fingers!  I started 'way back in August - yes last year - great idea for a big child-sized blanket and though not a fan of acrylic, the colors pretty and the Red Heart certainly in my budget.  So it stayed in my WIP basket.
Hook: 5.0 mm (H)
Yarn:  Red Heart Ltd. Super Saver Multis/Ombres
How much: 7 skeins = 945.0 yards (864.1m)
Colorway: Monet
Old favorite pattern from Project Linus, very easy to learn, mindless to crochet while watching basketball with Dad.  I thought only 5 skeins would make a huge-enough blanket, but found that I had made it too long (152 ch).  So I acquired 2 more skeins, balancing the size. It's BIG blanket. 45"x70".
And I have YET to EVER crochet anything that is a right-on squared-size.  My initial chain always too tight. Whne the directions say "chain loosely" they mean LOOSELY. 
Oh well, it's pretty, soft, colorful & nice. And DONE.
And turned in on Saturday!  On to the next project.....